Community Buying as CAS

Bulk and Bottled LPG

(Liquid Petroleum Gas)

Community Buying at CAS and Community Action Suffolk are pleased to announce that not only can we help people makes savings on heating oil deliveries, we are now able to help with heating costs for LPG users too.

Whether you use Calor Gas, FloGas or other types of bulk gas, we can now help you to save money through our new Bulk LPG Scheme.

It operates on a similar basis to our Bulk Oil Buying Scheme, in that Domestic Households, Community Groups, Community Buildings and Businesses can all benefit from membership to our scheme to purchase their bulk LPG.

Members rates are:

  • £20 per annum for Domestic Households
  • £30 per annum for Community Groups and Community Buildings
  • £100 per annum for Businesses

To join, please click here or download and complete our LPG Buying Membership Form which asks for the basic information in order to be able to enrol you on the scheme.

Orders can be placed twice a month, or you can sign up for automatic top ups to ensure that you never run out.

Our members have reported consistent savings by purchasing their LPG though our scheme. 

One comment received back was:

“Your price per litre compares very favourably to my last delivery so I would very much like to join up.”

Another said:

“I joined the CAS LPG scheme in September 2014 and was delighted to find that on my first delivery from Calor after having joined I saved 15p + VAT per litre, a saving on one delivery alone of more than £150 which made the £20 annual fee seem an absolute bargain.”

Another commented about the bottled LPG that they had bought:

“They couldn’t have been more helpful and my delivery was made exactly as promised. The price they offered me was 29% less than the most expensive quote I had obtained and exactly 25% below the cheapest. I am also involved with a club that uses bulk LPG and, interestingly, AF Affinity would have been similarly cheaper over the last year than we have paid.”

For more information and to join, please complete the online form or print off the LGP form using the link above and and either email it to or post it along with your membership payment to:


Community Buying at CAS


160 Hadleigh Road


Suffolk IP2 0HH



Telephone: 01473 345 355